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An Educator's Voice, Lifting Oklahoma.

   Education is not a Democratic or Republican issue: it’s an Oklahoman issue.


If there is one thing the teacher walkout has revealed to me, it is that we, as Oklahomans, are not so far apart in our values and beliefs. I was, and still am, profoundly moved by the level of support from our community. This collaboration tells me three things:  

  1. Oklahomans are more alike than they are different.
  2. Oklahomans believe in reasonable funding of core services, such as the education of our children.
  3. We need more moderate voices in the Oklahoma House.

As a high school teacher-turned administrator, I’ve managed the budgets sent to us by the state legislature for the past decade.  Each year since 2009, we’ve had to cut classroom resources or staff.   It’s time put people in the state government that prioritize what matters most to Oklahomans: an educator who has had to manage those budgets year after year. 

We must continue the work we have begun to prioritize the quality of instruction and support our students receive. Even with the progress made in education funding, we are still well below 2009 funding levels, and a decade later, we have 50,000 more students in Oklahoma schools.  I want to be a voice for reason and fairness for the people of House District 79. I am Melissa Provenzano, and I am asking for your help and for your vote for Oklahoma House District 79 as the Democratic candidate in the General Election this November 6th. #Proven4Oklahoma



WATCH Melissa answer questions on the issues at the June 19th League of Women Voters Forum

Melissa answered many thoughtful and insightful questions at the League of Women Voters District 79 Candidate Forum. The full video is 97 minutes long and much can be learned about all the candidates. However, we have created a list of timestamps to learn what Melissa has to say on the issues

Topic Time

Opening                                             11:45

Education Funding                              19:29

The Veto Referendum Effort                 26:44

Collaboration is key                             30:04

Healthcare                                          39:27

Guns in Schools                                  43:07

Criminal Justice Reform                       49:36

Raising Revenue in Oklahoma              1:05:14

Top 3 State needs                               1:13:08

Closing                                              1:19:43



Sunday, September 9, 2018 12:00 AM

General election could bring more change to Oklahoma state government

"In Provenzano, he's up against the kind of educator and solid candidate that's flipped a few districts for the Democrats the past few years.”

A race to watch? We certainly agree!

Vote for Melissa - The common sense candidate for district 79



Thursday, August 23, 2018 12:00 AM

The Red Apple Wave Headed to the Capital

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — If you thought the walkout ended when the last teacher left the capitol earlier this year, think again.


Thursday, June 14, 2018 12:00 AM

Oklahoma Educator's Association member of the Educator's Caucus: Melissa Provenzano

I am honored to be identified as part of the Educator’s caucus by the OEA for 2018.

As an educator, I've worked tirelessly to ensure that the children of Tulsa have access to a well-rounded social and academic school-going experience. Developing in each student the skills and abilities that allow them to be successful in life beyond high school as career and college-ready citizens is crucial to our long-term success. It's time to expand that supportive leadership role to the citizens of Oklahoma


Wednesday, June 13, 2018 12:00 AM


Melissa is proud to be endorsed in the primary by the Tulsa Regional Chamber’s affiliated OklahomaBizPac.


“The OklahomaBizPac board met with these candidates for three full days with interviews scheduled back to back,” said Jay Helm, chair of OklahomaBizPac and president of American Residential Group. “All those interviews showed us that the bar is raised this election cycle, and the candidates we’re endorsing are of the highest caliber. We are really excited to have these men and women serve the Tulsa region and Oklahoma as a whole.”
“We evaluated candidates based on a set of criteria that included their aptitude for leadership, strategic thinking and willingness to collaborate,” Helm said. “We also weighed each candidate’s alignment with the OneVoice Regional Legislative Agenda.”

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 12:00 AM

Oklahoma Watch: When Women Run, Women Win.

"This year, there will be nearly four times as many women running for the same number of seats. And following a trend across the nation, women will be better represented on the ballot than in at least a decade – and likely ever. "


Provenzano for House District 79 2018
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